As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes less resilient to the many environmental factors we face on a daily basis. It’s natural to want to restore smoothness and tightness to your complexion. In addition to our chemical peel, laser vein removal, laser skin tightening and microdermabrasion services, we offer groundbreaking treatments to address concerns around wrinkles, fine lines, scars or dark spots.


PICO Genesis™

PICO Genesis™ laser procedure takes an entirely new approach to the treatment of pigmentation issues and skin revitalization. This method combines the benefits of two highly effective wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to cause an intense, non-thermal, photo mechanical disruption and remodeling of the upper dermis.

What does this mean for you? A brighter, more uniform complexion in less treatment sessions than traditional methods and virtually no downtime following treatments.

Originally developed for tattoo removal, picosecond lasers are now being used for a variety of conditions, including skin toning, reducing hyperpigmentation, and building collagen.


Sublative Rejuvenation

Sublative Rejuvenation™ offers patients of all skin types a safe and effective solution in reversing multiple signs of aging. Unlike other treatments that work from the outside-in, eMatrixTM radio frequency works from the inside-out—targeting collagen production required for treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and textural irregularities caused by excessive sun exposure and aging.

During treatment, many patients feel a warm, prickly sensation as the radio frequency energy enters their skin. After treatment a pink or red “sunburn” appearance and feeling is also common. Topical anesthetic ointments can be used to reduce unpleasant discomfort during treatment.

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