Get rid of those spider veins quickly and effectively

We use the Lumenis SPLENDOR X laser to quickly and effectively treat spider veins on the legs and broken capillaries on the face.  The laser targets hemoglobin (the pigment in blood) to essentially collapse the surface blood vessels and divert blood to deeper, non-visible veins.  Immediately following treatment, darkening of the vessels may be apparent, with slight redness along the vessel.

SpendlorX Vein Removal at The Skin Center
Spider Veins Before and After

What to expect

There is no downtime after treatment, however we recommend avoiding hot baths/ tubs and strenuous exercise for 1-2 weeks following treatment.  Generally, 2-3 sessions in 6–8-week intervals are needed.  Clearance of the veins takes place in the weeks following each treatment as they slowly fade away.

We cannot treat varicose or bulging veins.

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