Permanent Makeup at The Skin Center

Permanent Makeup

Simplify your beauty routine and take out the guesswork of perfect brows and lips. Our licensed artist will help to find the perfect shade and shape to match your complexion. Using Nano Technology, it will give you a camera ready look that will last for two to three years. 


The Importance of Lips and Brows

Eyebrows and lips are both very important features of the face. Having the correct placement and shade of your eyebrows can completely change your facial appearance. Enhancing your brows and lips can help with a more youthful look, and help accentuate your best facial features. Better yet, filling in your brows can help build and restore your confidence. 

Proper lip shading and expanding of the vermilion border can enhance the appearance of your lips and help to compensate for any loss of pigment due to the natural aging process. Not to mention your lips will look great. And you’ll never have to worry about the color smudging after a bite to eat, or a drink.


So why is Nanoblading better than Microblading?

Nano Brows are significantly less invasive and less traumatic to the skin. The nano needle gently implants pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Microblading only deposits pigment into the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, using a blade made up of 8-12 needles that cuts into the skin. Risk for scarring, excessive trauma to the skin and poor pigment implantation are highly increased. 

Nano brows can be done with hairstrokes, powder brows (a more solid look) or combo brows which include hair strokes and shading. Nano Technology allows you to cross hairstrokes, which is something you cannot do with microblading. Nano Technology is also known to last 2-3 years. That’s almost twice as long as microblading!


The Nano Brow/Lip experience!

During your appointment your artist will help you determine the best shape and color for your brows or lips based on: your skin tone/undertones, your facial structure, and its shape. After being color matched and mapped out for the perfect placement for your new brows/lips, your artist will numb you and begin treatment. In total, it takes approximately three hours start-to-finish. Once you finish the healing process, which, on average is 10-14 days, you’re  left with beautiful brows/lips that will positively change the way you look and feel! Touch ups are every few years as needed per recommendation of your artist.


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