The winter doldrums. When we go days without seeing much sunshine, and the weather’s cold and dreary and it’s just too many days until spring and warm temperatures return.  

When the mercury drops, so too can skin’s moisture content and luster. Using the same skincare techniques might not cut it for year-round beauty!  

Here are a few ways to keep your skin looking its best during the harsh winter months:  


  • Moisturize from the outside in. Be sure to drink lots of water all year, but in the winter, add a humidifier. The air in our homes tends to dry out as things get colder, leaving skin feeling dry and looking dull. Even just leaving pots of water on warm surfaces, like heating registers, can help add moisture to the air and help keep your skin feeling better.  
  • Keep the heat in check. This goes for your thermostat as well as the shower. Hotter temperatures can dry out skin, as can longer showers. Using cooler water — comfortable, lukewarm water — can be just as effective at killing germs as hot water without irritating your skin.  
  • Switch to gentler products designed for sensitive skin. These are less drying and strip away less protective oil from your skin, keeping it hydrated and luminous. Go easy on the scented soaps, too, as those can also have a drying effect.  
  • Lotion, lotion, lotion. Mothers might have told us not to go outside with wet hair, but they should also have encouraged us not to go outside with damn skin either. Think of how chapped your lips can get in the cold and then imagine that happening to all your skin.  
  • Sleep with your socks on. But before you put your feet into something cozy and fuzzy, add some lotion. Look for a lotion or balm that contains petroleum jelly or glycerine. Taking care of those tootsies might seem a little odd when no one’s going to see your latest pedicure, but it’s another layer of skin that needs to be cared for and protected all year.  

 At the Skin Center at Southgate, we’re ready to help you keep your glow all year, ensuring your skin stays healthy when the weather changes and conditions become harsh.   

We offer an extensive line of skin care products and treatments that can help keep the blahs away, including:  

-Avene anti-rougeurs product line for red, inflamed skin 

-Avene a-oxitive products for antioxidant protection 

-Avene mineral sun care, SPF 50+, tinted and non-tinted 

-Avene rich compensating cream- a daily moisturizer for the face 

-Avene Trixera balm- daily hydration for dry, sensitive skin. For face and body, children and adults. 

-Avene moisturizing Melt-in balm for the body 

Winter is also an ideal time for some skin treatments that might be negatively affected by the sun or too much exposure, including:  

Laser hair removal 

Laser tattoo removal 

PICO Genesis, which can help reduce the signs of sun damage 

Laser treatments for skin rejuvenation  

Don’t delay! Call the Skin Center at Southgate Medical Group and start your path to healthier skin today.

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